Print\Resist\Project brings screen printing and design thinking to marginalized communities through live printing events, drawing on the history of screen printing as a fast, accessible, and inexpensive medium of political resistance.

For people in LGBT and queer communities, continuing to exist in the face of hate, oppression, and marginalization is an act of resistance. This is felt acutely today by young queer and trans people, who are compelled out of necessity to speak truths around identity, oppression, violence, and other intersecting experiences. How can these folks, along with others in historically marginalized communities, elevate their voices as a tool to enact resistance?

Political posters, t-shirts, and zines are commonly-found messaging tools throughout history. Unfortunately, lack of access to means of producing these tools can be a barrier, particularly for young people.

Print\Resist\Project aims to bring access to screen printing technologies, along with design thinking tools, to people in these communities, seeking to teach skills that will amplify unheard voices.