Update for Week of 9/23

I lost about a week of progress due to a family emergency. As I prepare to present my prototype this week, here are some things that have, sort of, progressed despite this hard week:

  • I have reconnected with Bushwick Print Lab in Brooklyn. They are in the process of moving their shop to a new space. This is a huge undertaking of course, and I’m trying to view it as an opportunity to get involved with the community there. My hope is that I can begin a work/trade partnership with them soon. So I’ve volunteered help moving this weekend, 9/28-9/30.
  • I have connected with an artist from Minneapolis, Junauda Petrus, who just released a young adult novel called The Stars and the Blackness Between Them. Junauda has two readings in NYC in October and she’s interested in having me do live screen printing at one of them. The idea I’m currently working on is to design a bookmark based on her book and folks at the reading can print their own. While this event won’t be modeled directly on my project — with an educational component — it definitely intersects with the audience with whom I hope to work. And I’d like to think this practice could manifest in different ways when these opportunities arise.
  • More about The Stars and the Blackness Between Them:

Told in two distinct and irresistible voices, Junauda Petrus’s bold and lyrical debut is the story of two black girls from very different backgrounds finding love and happiness in a world that seems determined to deny them both.

From the publisher
  • I have also been in contact with a designer/activist here in Brooklyn, Sarah Sandman. Sarah has worked for many years at the intersection of design and social justice. She has invited me to her studio to hear about my capstone project next week. I think she will be a brilliant subject matter expert for me to connect with and I’m eager to hear what she thinks. Sarah is also a senior TED fellow. Here’s one of her talks on the healing power of protest.
  • A few weeks ago I reached out to an artist/activist who works closely with the populations I hope to connect with, specifically the WRRQ Collective. They sent an email about my project to a number of folks in their network last week. I haven’t heard back from anyone yet, so I will send a follow-up note with a little more information in hopes of stirring up some interest.