Project Self-Assessment

Having presented my capstone prototype this past week, below is a self-assessment reflecting on my current progress, in terms of the official capstone project guidelines:

Topic, resources, means of creation, and proposed components for messaging will be discussed and examined for a level of rigor appropriate for completion of the master’s degree.

I believe my prototype represents a well fleshed-out approach to this guideline. Given that the project still lives in a mostly theoretical realm, I have been able to focus a lot of effort on how this project will work, what the subject matter will be, and the required components to pull it all off.

The project will be program-encompassing and representative of the Master of Arts in Graphic and Web Design. In addition to demonstrating a master’s level of sophistication in topic and approach, the Capstone project will appropriately synthesize skillsets that comprise the degree, showcasing design theory and interactivity applied through learned techniques and technologies.

So far my capstone has focused a lot on screen printing and education, which aren’t specifically representative of my time in the MAGWD program. However as I continue to develop promotional materials and a web presence for Print\Resist\Project, I will bring in more of what I learned throughout this program. What I have focused on at this point is bringing design theory into the forefront, since that is a lot of what the education aspect of the project is about.

Research and collected data must be accurate and verifiable, with sources listed and accessible. In addition to providing citation within the work itself, research assets will be accessible through an ongoing online archive (G Drive folder, Google Doc, Progress Platform of choice).

I do already have a research archive on G Drive, which I will continue to develop. And I have been looking at the Chicago Manual of Style for reference. I also plan to create a full bibliography page on the main project website before the end of the semester.

Consistent documentation of process to further articulate intentions of what you’re making. Process is as important as the final product — sometimes more so. The primary methods of sharing process will be through regular (at least once a week) updates of your chosen Progress Platform, the Discussion Board, and weekly meetings.

I know this progress platform is a great place to see how my project is developing, however theoretical at this point. Over the coming weeks I expect to begin to incorporate more sketches and drafts for the “branding” of the project, as well as photography as I begin to get into the actual screen printing process.

In addition to other exhibition offerings and presentations, the final project, along with its process, will be accessible and discoverable for viewing as an online summary of motivation, goals, and problem-solving process (the Capstone Page).

My progress platform (this page) represents the beginning of an official website for Print\Resist\Project. I will soon start to restructure the site so that this platform becomes a historical process document, and other pages on the site will serve as information about the project, photos/examples, contact info, and upcoming events. I have secured two URLs — and — and will soon direct them both to this site.

The project should allow for community engagement and partnership. Your Capstone work will not exist in a vacuum. Through networking and external consultation, students are expected to leverage the project with audiences outside of class as a means to further social outreach for their topic and professional goals.

The primary goal of this project is to engage in and partner with community. During this semester and beyond, I will continue to seek out community partnerships to fulfill the mission of Print\Resist\Project. I hope that the connections I make this semester, and other resources I may tap into, will continue to propel this project beyond the scope of this program.