Update on Branding

I’ve been working on a logo concept for Print\Resist\Project for a few weeks. The focus of this project has been–and will always be–the work itself and how audiences/participants engage with it. That said, I’ve had some concepts rolling around my head for awhile, and I would like to at least have an identifiable mark to accompany the name of the project, so I started sketching things out.

The whole concept plays with the initials of the name–“P” and “R”–as well as the backslash that plays a symbolic role in the name of the project. Here are some (very) rough sketches:

First thumbnail sketches exploring name and mark
Expanding on the concept…

I got to work in Illustrator pretty quickly exploring some possibilities:

This was starting to feel right
Pushing these options a little further…
Explorations in lockups
Final (for now) mark
Final (for now) lockup with wordmark