Volunteering at Hetrick Martin Institue

Hetrick Martin Institute logo

This week I met with the volunteer coordinator and another staff member at Hetrick Martin Institute in the West Village in Manhattan. Hetrick Martin is a direct service organization for LGBTQ youth. They offer counseling; hot meals; a pantry with access to food, clothing, and showers; and other services, including arts programs.

They gave me a tour of the space, which is located at the same site as the Harvey Milk High School. They told me about their regular arts programs throughout the week, and I had a chance to tell them all about Print\Resist\Project. They seemed excited about the possibilities of having me come in to work with the youth, possibly in an on-going capacity. They invited me to come participate in an art-making event in preparation for the Transgender Day of Remembrance, which takes place on November 20. This will give me a feel for their arts programs and will allow me to propose how I could engage with the organization moving forward. I’m excited to participate in this event on November 13!