Upcoming Event at Bluestockings

I’m excited to announce that I have, at least tentatively, locked in a date to have a printing event at Bluestockings book store in the Lower East Side in Manhattan. I met with the event coordinator at the store this week, and they were very interested in having me bring Print\Resist\Project for a live event. They have regular author readings in the store and coincidentally they were setting up for one at the time of our meeting. So I got to see how they arrange the space for events and I think it will be a great fit.

I’m thinking this first event will be a short one, although they are interested in it being educational. So I’m beginning to formulate a plan for how that could look. I think it will be a format where I bring a pre-designed screen that people can pull themselves, but set it up to allow people to customize the design after printing. This will fall within the framework of unified individualism, similar to what I talked about in my discussion with Sarah Sandman.